Dr. Srikanth Sugavanam

Scientist, Photonics and Applications


My name is Srikanth, and I am an Assistant Professor with the School of Computer and Electrical Engineering at IIT Mandi, India.

I work in the area of fibre lasers, specializing in real-time laser characterization techniques. I am keenly interested in applying such techniques in real-world applications, where multi-gigahertz bandwidth, megahertz-rate acquisition diagnostics can lead to interesting insights.


Fibre lasers, ultrafast measurement techniques, fibre optic sensors and instrumentation


h-index – 20
Total citations – 1691
(June 2023)


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, FHEA, UK


Ex-Programme Manager,
Marie S.-Curie MULTIPLY 
50-host consortium based post-doctoral Fellowhips programme


Spatio-temporal dynamics of Fibre Lasers

Ride alongside coherent and dissipative features in fibre lasers to see how they evolve in real time, in experiment.

Communication Physics 2021

Bidirectional ultrafast lasers and applications

An exploration of the physics, technology and application space for bidirectional lasers. Gyroscopes, real-time observation of build up dynamics, applications, …and more!

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Nature Communications, 2019

Analysis of Laser Radiation using the Nonlinear Fourier Transform

We demonstrate how the Nonlinear Fourier transform (NFT) based on the Zakharov-Shabat spectral problem can be applied as a signal processing tool for representation and analysis of coherent structures embedded into dispersive radiation in lasers. 


Selected papers

Read about spatio-temporal dynamics, random fibre lasers, laminar-turbulent transitions in Raman fibre lasers, and more.

Ongoing projects

Some interesting projects that I am working on currently

Ultrafast fibre laser gyroscopes


Leibniz IPHT, Jena, Germany

Nonlinear Fourier Transforms


AIPT, Aston University

You can be here!

Student Projects

Select projects I have supervised


A wireless MIDI controller for dynamic motion and gesture articulation

Student – MEng Mr. Vincent Yi, Aston University, UK, 2019-20.


An Open-source Raspberry  Pi-based Whiteboard Camera

StudentRajan Shukla, MTech CSP, IIT Mandi, India, 2021-2022.

BlueControl v1.0

Instrument automation with SCPI over Bluetooth

Students – Mahima Gupta, Sandeep Nathuram Kundalwal, MTech CSE, IIT Mandi, Spring -Summer2023.

Project Y

Topper Secreter


Some of my recent outreach activities and media reportages.

Interview with YourPedia

In this video talk about Photonics and its career opportunities, and associated research and teaching activities at IIT Mandi.

What are Remote Labs?

An article that appeared in India Today, where we talk about the implementation of remote  online-hardware labs. 

Society Memberships and Affiliations

Professional society memberships and other volunteering activities

Member, Optical Society of America.

Fellow, Higher Education Academy, United Kingdom


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The Route to Mastery

Postulating a meta-approach to upskilling for practicing professionals.

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Three ways to counter stage fright

In appreciation of Adam Neely’s latest video, and some additional tips.

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